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The Särli Suntop is a strapless top that you will never miss the straps of - we promise! The top is 2-layered and strapless, so you don't have to hide a bra underneath. Foam cups are sewn in. The top is also reinforced with dimensionally stable metal rods - slipping is therefore completely impossible. Its firm fit, the free upper back, shoulders and neck make it incredibly sexy and can be combined with everything, especially in summer. Can you already feel yourself sitting in the sun on the beach with a light breeze brushing your shoulders? The outer fabric of the suntop is made of 100% linen with a cool structure - the top is also lined with a normal cotton fabric. The buttons are from my vintage collection.

To ensure that the top fits perfectly at the waist, it is available in two lengths: normal length and 5cm longer for the tall women among us.

Särlis Suntop linen black

CHF99.00 Regular Price
CHF89.00Sale Price
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