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I was able to buy various vintage hats from the last century from a Swiss hat maker's fund. Ironed on a bit and the signs of storage repaired, you can now bring one of these vintage treasures into your home. The hats are all from storage and have never been worn. NOS - New Old Stock.

The red brown hat has no discoloration but unfortunately a few moth holes (see photo). The material is a fluffy, soft but firm felt with an adjustable grosgrain brim. The brim can be bent and turned inside out as you like.

The beige fine straw hat is refined with sweet decorative seams and a bow. It has no stains or discoloration. Tip top condition. Here, too, the brim can be shaped as desired.

The white-colored hat is made of a rather smooth material, trimmed with straw. It has no stains but unfortunately also a few moth holes (see photo).

vintage hats

PriceFrom CHF20.00
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