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I was able to buy various vintage hats from the last century from a Swiss hat maker's fund. Ironed on a bit and the signs of storage repaired, you can now bring one of these vintage treasures into your home. The hats are all from storage and have never been worn. NOS - New Old Stock.

The thorough hat in the middle is made of fluffy felt, it has no discoloration or defects. I think it is from Claire Editha - since it has the same form in the fundus with etickets from her, but it ended up in my personal fundus.

The brown hunting hat is made of strong felt with a super delicate finish, with no flaws. A magical baby.

The beige, slightly yellowish specimen is enchantingly sweet with its unique set. Unfortunately, it has slight discoloration on the brim.

The little beige with the bow - like a pillbox hat - has no stains or moth holes. If desired, a hat band can be attached by me. Super cute and timeless, it goes with many outfits.

The purple copy is also a great eye-catcher in top condition with no defects.

vintage hats

CHF35.00 Regular Price
CHF20.00Sale Price
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