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Hair & make-up workshops

Would you like to round off your outfit with the right hairstyle and beautiful make-up?

With us you can learn this in small workshops. We'll show you all the tricks and answer your questions. For more information write an email to curlinggirls(at) or use the Särli contact form.

The curling girls Claudia & Sarah


a small selection of my products

Who is behind Särli

For me, there is no more exciting job than tucking women into flattering and perfectly fitting garments and making them happy in a very special way.

The love for red lips, a fine line of songs and an accentuated waist - the characteristics of the 50s - have been with me for well over half of my life.

Over time, the lifestyle came the experience and the desire to produce unique reproductions - but not just somehow, but exactly as it was before.

The loyalty to my passion and authenticity of the 40s to early 60s makes it possible for me to create a particularly real wearing comfort, the feeling of wearing an original rather than a reproduction.



Closure techniques, hooks and eyes, metal zippers. Fabrics like cotton, linen and wool as they used to be.


Each garment is made in a limited number, often from vintage fabrics. So it remains something very special.


Through the use of many hand stitches, invisibly trimmed hems, hand-punched buttonholes and other handicraft tricks that have been optimized over the years, it becomes particularly high-quality.


The inspiration for cuts and fabrics comes from old films, pictures, magazines and original vintage clothing.

Särli manufactures in any size and made to measure on request - for both men and women.


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